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At LA City Security Cameras, we specialize in all aspects of security camera installation and service, as well as video surveillance cameras. Let our Los Angeles surveillance system professionals help you choose the right security and monitoring system for your needs and budget. 

Why Hire a California State Board Licensed Contractor to Install Security Cameras? 

You may be surprised to learn that it’s illegal to install security cameras unless you are a licensed contractor in California. This helps ensure that only those people who have gone through the proper training and certification steps can get licenses. An unlicensed contractor is not only dangerous, but they could cause damage to your home by not following the proper protocol and installation procedures.

Why Should I Buy a Surveillance System from LA City Security Cameras? 

No other LA security company installer can offer you a great deal on a security camera or surveillance system using the very latest in technology! If you’re looking for high quality 1080p security cameras that record in crystal-clear high definition clarity, look no further. Every camera we sell comes with an unbeatable warranty on parts and labor. We’ll even ensure that your new security cameras are securely connected to your computer, phone, laptop or tablet. 


We can also install CCTV security cameras in Los Angeles and surrounding areas. See everything from every angle with the highest grade technology and certified security camera installation in LA. 


Contact us now for a free, no obligation consultation! 

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